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Balancing Work, Life and Social Media with Ximena Duque

What do you get when you mix Colombia, Telenovelas, passion, determination and stunning beauty? Ximena Duque-Adkins that’s what! On this episode of Women in Power, I sat down with the Colombian cutie to talk life and how she balances it all.

Born in Cali, Colombia, Ximena has always been a pop of color and culture. She moved to Miami in 1997 and has called South Florida her home ever since. One of the first challenges of self-doubt Ximena faced was having an accent – she wanted to get rid of it. “I went to an English coach and told him I wanted to get rid of my accent. First thing he asked was why, second thing he said was that’ll never happen.” So she learned to love it! And to be honest, I love her accent. Don’t you guys?

This next piece of Ximena’s life is something that isn’t so easy to talk about. At the young age of 19, Ximena became a single mom. But instead of letting the struggles of new, young motherhood scare her off, she embraced it and used it to catapult herself into the acting industry. “I started acting with Telemundo on Protagonistas de Novela. Then I got pregnant and had my baby. I was just a little girl, full of dreams and now I had to become a mom. But my son was a blessing because after having him I didn’t stop working. My son gave me the strength to become who I have become.” If that’s not inspiring I’m not sure what is.

Even with all of her success, Ximena continues to work towards her goals. A lot of people don’t have that mentality. They’re content and happy where they are, but not Ximena. “I always wanted more. Even before the child, even now. I’m never satisfied. I have done some stuff in Hollywood but I want more. I’m always asking: when’s the next step? Whats my next show? What’s the next movie?” I admire Ximena for continuing to work hard even though many would say she has it all. It just proves she has found her purpose and is willing to do whatever it takes to build her empire. Once you find that, you are truly  unstoppable.

This episode was so much fun! Ximena taught us about being your true self and working hard. Now, I know, it sounds cliché and a little like a Hallmark card, but she’s telling the truth. Let’s face it, you won’t make it being lazy and you definitely won’t make it if you’re constantly comparing yourself to others.

Now, I’m not spilling all the details! You’ll have to watch it to find out the rest. So check it out and let me know what your thoughts are. I love getting to know strong, powerful women. These interviews have inspired and motivated me in ways you can’t even imagine. I hope they do the same for you.

Build an Empire, 

Elena Cardone

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