Show Up Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ve all experienced having bad days. I’m talking about those days where you just don’t feel like it, where you’re upset and everyone knows it. Your emotions are everywhere and you’re really not trying to hide it. Well, if you’ve ever felt like this before, this blog is for you.

Throughout society we are told: follow your dreams,  follow your passions, do what you love – and I’m in no way against any of those things, but sometimes we just aren’t feeling it. Sometimes, we just don’t want to put in the work. We feel crappy or we’ve got life happening and it’s just not in the cards to be a positive polly that day. Maybe you feel embarrassed or defeated? Maybe you had a setback or a sale didn’t go through? Well, here’s what I want you guys to do whenever you start to feel negativity coming:

Show up no matter what!

That’s right! There’s no sympathy here. I’m being tough with you because this is what you need. You think you can afford to be bitchy when you’re Building an Empire?! You need to push through it my friends. Showing up means: do what you need to do to get the job done. Pretending to be happy is by no means an easy task, but you might have to do it once in a while. You may need to put on a facade, fake the smile..etc, but you’ve got to get it done. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has drama! When you show up at a job, you can’t show up at a job with all your drama – ain’t nobody got time for that! It doesn’t matter if you got into a fender bender that morning or maybe you got into a heated argument with your significant other, I don’t care. You need to handle the noise and show up.

You’re probably wondering how to make that happen? How do I show up even if I don’t want to? There really isn’t a secret or trick to it, you’ll have to face it head on. You have to begin showing up even when you don’t want to. And of course this is easier said than done; 100% easier to say it and not follow through. Showing up is a muscle you must work on. You have to train your mind, body and soul to give it everything you’ve got even when you feel like everything is going against you. It takes practice and repetition for this muscle to grow strong and resist the temptation to give in and weaken. Throughout this journey you will feel uncomfortable. But once you repeatedly overcome the negativity, it becomes easier and easier to get out of the funk. Soon you won’t be able to think of one complaint or excuse that’ll stop you from getting it done.

Moral of the story:

Get out of your own way, and get on with it.

Build an Empire, 

Elena Cardone