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Handling Finances as a Couple

Money, Money, Money! We all want it, but never want to talk about it. Come on, you know it’s true. Money is such a hot topic between couples. It’s also in the top three reasons why couples call it quits. So what did Grant and I decide to do for this episode of the G&E Show? Yep, you guessed right – talk about the money. We also dropped three gems you need that’ll help you be successful with money as a couple.

Men: HALF of what you make is hers. ALL of what she makes is hers.

Yes, you read that right. I know the ladies are ecstatic right now, and they have reason to be. This is something Grant has always said, and it’s one thing I really love about him (among many other things). It takes such a secure man to say everything is taken care of. What he means is: he takes care of it ALL. He’s got the funds, so he has the ability to support us financially with everything and anything the girls and I may need. We’re not saying this method is right or wrong. All we’re saying is this method works for us. Find a money method that works for you as a couple. Now, I know once the ladies read this, they’re going to run home and expect their husbands/boyfriends to do the same. Ladies, you may push for this way of doing things, but this may not work for you and your significant other. You’ll have to have the conversation to find out.<

Separate & Joint Bank Accounts

THIS ONE IS BIG. Couples all over the world struggle with whether they should have separate or joint bank accounts. We say, get with one who can do both! Yep! Separate accounts help each person remain accountable for their own money, while a joint account provides the funds for the things you pay together. Everyone wins with this solution. It seems obvious to us but for many couples deciding on how to manage dinero, it can be a struggle. By now you should know, G and I aren’t most couples. To me, having separate bank accounts just proves we trust each other. It also gives me control over my own money. It gives me a sense of pride to buy a gift or pick up a tab with my own money and not have to ask. In the end, this is how we’ve decided to allocate our money. How will you allocate yours as a couple?

Winners don’t say NO to opportunities

Stop thinking everything is going to be perfect and that you’ll be just fine if you say no to a couple of gigs here and there. Wrong. Winners don’t say no to opportunities. They continue to hustle. Just because Grant is doing an amazing job bringing home the bacon, that does not mean I can just sit down and relax. On the contrary, I need to work harder. I am saying YES to all the opportunities coming my way. I am creating my own big money and I want to combine it with his big money. Ladies, you truly can do it all. Trust yourselves, trust what you bring to the table and trust saying yes to any and every opportunity that may present itself to you.

Build an Empire, 

Elena Cardone

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