Sheri Hamilton: A Woman in Power

How do you begin to feel powerful?

Feeling powerful is one of the greatest and liberating feelings. I admit that I am flawed and by no means am a perfect person, but I know I am POWERFUL. I am confident in myself, I trust myself and I believe in my abilities. I try my best never to doubt myself.

There’s a big difference between being powerful and feeling powerful. Being powerful is all about roles and status – think a boss, or parent. Feeling powerful on the other hand, comes from within.

Feeling power is personal. It’s all yours. Not one person can take it away from you. But, you do have to build it, believe it and own it.

Now let me tell you about a woman who amazes me every single day and is worthy of being recognized during my Women’s History Month series.

Sheri Hamilton

Sheri is the Chief Operating Officer of Cardone Enterprises and you better believe she is a WOMAN IN POWER. She spoke at 10x Ladies and brought the house down! While yes, she is in a position of power, (I mean, she’s a COO!), she also carries her power within.

Flow yourself power.
Do not consider that you are a victim of anyone, anything, any system, any society.
Just don’t think you are.

Sheri Hamilton, COO of Cardone Enterprises 

In Sheri’s world, she is a woman who gives herself permission to have it all. She is a woman in power who grants herself power. She thinks big. Not once does she limit herself or waits for others to recognize power for her  – she does that for herself. I want the same for YOU. Let me help you get there.

Build an Empire, 

Elena Cardone

Sheri Hamilton and Elena Cardone