How to Monetize Your Social Media with Lisa Morales

When it comes to social media, for some, the goal may be to post pretty pictures and tell you about their day or what they had for lunch. For others, the ones that see dollar signs and have monumental followings – well, they ain’t talking about lunch. They’re in search of PROFIT.

On this episode of Women in Power, Lisa Morales divulges all the secrets to increasing your social media following, networking and how to make the green off it all!

TIP #1: Be Consistent

With over 8 million followers Lisa sits on a gold mine. But it was her intuition that lead her to where she is now. I think I just knew that it was going to be big, I knew it was going to be it and social media was here to stay, says Morales. While she did have an audience that followed her from Telemundo to Instagram, it was when she began using her everyday life to create content that really made her one to be seen. I was posting behind the scenes photos, red carpet events for Maxim, fun videos…so it just grew – I was just consistent and that’s my number one tip – be consistent. Whether that’s one post a day or three posts a day, Lisa says, it’s whatever works for you.

TIP #2: Quality vs. Quantity

You can post three times a day but if it’s shitty content, no one is going to like it. Yep, we are dropping the s-word to show you how important it is to create something worth liking. So what’s quality? Well, according to Lisa people want to: get inspired, be motivated, learn something or be entertained. But also, you’ve just got to know what the people want, know your audience and what they react to when you post. A cool way to find this out, use your questions tool on your InstaStories – then you’ll really know what the people want. This could be good or who knows! Play with it!

TIP #3: Plan it Out Y’all

She dropped a bomb on me! I had no idea there were apps to plan all this stuff. In order to get the maximum use of all these apps – check out your INSIGHTS people. Find out when people are checking you out the most, and schedule your posts then. Mind Blowing, I know. Sounds simple enough but you’d be surprised how many people aren’t taking advantage of these tools. Lisa is a real power player,  she plans her content, schedules, and even writes all of her captions. She’s a one-woman band and my type of girl.

TIP #4: Yo Quiero, Yo Quiero Dinero!

Before the big brands were going to her, Lisa went to them. I was emailing, direct messaging, sending over my media kit to these people, I’d pitch an idea or ask to collaborate – today they come to me. Oh, I love, when people come to me, but it takes work to get there. Taking an initiative to reach out, is a real game changer. Just by doing that, Lisa has had partnerships with Sephora, The Knot, and American Express. Talk about big money.

TIP #5: Learn or Pay the Price

This tip hit home. I’m going to be honest, I’m still learning social media and maybe I haven’t used it to its maximum capacity and giving up control, to a knit pick freak like me – scares me but Lisa says, if you don’t want to put in any effort, or you don’t have the time, PAY SOMEONE! – social media is that important. There are tons of social savvy people out there ready to get their hands dirty for you and if you’ve got the money to pay and no time to plan, it’s a win-win.

TIP #6: Don’t Entertain

Building a following is going to bring out the “crazies,” it’s inevitable. You will have those that just want the attention and they want it from you. I’ve had a couple, let me tell you. Lisa says, do not give them the time of day. Block, delete, do whatever you need to do.

There you have it – tips from the social media reina, Lisa Morales. One thing to note is, Lisa has remained herself. She loves to inspire and stays inspired. She’s a hard-working, kick-ass entrepreneur using social media to make money off of her brand, while still being true to who she is and remaining completely in control. Lisa is the co-founder of Miami Model Citizens which is a non-profit organization helping through volunteer projects to benefit people in need and rescue animals since 2013. And that my friends is why she is a Woman in Power.

Build an Empire, 

Elena Cardone