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Money Mindset

Get Your Mental Mindset About Money Right

Have you ever stopped to think what are all your ideas or emotions connected with money? Have you ever considered that maybe the thoughts that you have about money may be the one and only reason you aren’t getting it at the levels you want it?

I’ll tell you it was only when I was able to get my mind thinking correctly about money that I was actually able to have money.

Previously, I was ashamed of money. I thought wanting money made me greedy and would put me in a category where others would look down or judge me if I ever became wealthy. I used to associate having money with a meaning that the more I had, the more it  would somehow make me less of a good person.

This may sound a little crazy but I had these deep seated beliefs so rooted into my soul that I would actually create circumstances in the physical universe to hold me back from “too much” money. It would come in the form of not being able to ask for a raise, giving my products away for virtually nothing, or an unexpected payment due etc.

One day I realized that no matter how much money I would make in a year, I would always end up having “no money”. It was the oddest occurrence.

Of course when I looked on paper and would analyze the situation, I would see all of these “legitimate” reasons WHY I could never hold onto my money. It’s like I would perfectly craft the scenarios so I could never break out of that zone I was in.

It was maddening because I would take precautions to handle all the so called “scenarios” for happening again only to discover new “unforeseeable” situations would occur. After years of beating my head against the wall, I finally looked at what exactly WAS my relationship with money.

That’s when I uncovered my true feelings toward money. Then, I decided to change my mind about money. I adopted a viewpoint that people would actually not only respect me but also appreciate the knowledge I share about money with them. It was a completely different and bold way of thinking for me. Remember at the time I made this decision, I felt shame and guilt around money.

I also looked at who I am and I’ve always been generous with money so I concluded that having more of it would never make me a bad person. Having more of it would actually make me more of a generous person.

I hold this creed to be a true and I have self fulfilled my new adopted beliefs. People have written to me thanking me for helping them to change their lives. I tell you this not to brag but to explain that 10 years ago I would never have believed you if you told me this data is actually true. It’s not only true for me but others have expressed it has also helped open the door to a better relationship with money as well.

If you are having similar struggles with money that I was, I encourage you to look at what thoughts are holding you back and be open to the possibility of another meaning.

Get your money mindset right about money.

Live RIch, 

Elena Cardone

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