Quarantine, quarantine, quarantine! You’ve got everyone in sweats making too many trips to the refrigerator eating pints of ice cream, walking around with hair in a ponytail that hasn’t been washed in who knows how long, and binge watching Netflix, (you lost count after Tiger King).

Well, not to fear! I am here to snap you out of the quarantine blues and into the quarantine fine. Look, let’s be real, getting fully dressed during this time is tough. I completely understand. It’s way easier to be in comfortable clothes than a button down blouse – but getting dressed up and putting on a little makeup can actually help your productivity.

We all know proper grooming and appearance are important in the workplace. It’s no secret the way you look and carry yourself creates an impression on people, right? The same goes for working from home. You also need to make an impression on YOURSELF. Making an effort to “doll up” a bit sends a signal to yourself that you care, you haven’t given up, and you aren’t “comfortable” with accepting the circumstances that life throws at you. Rather, it puts you in an “in charge” frame of mind.

Daily, I am making an effort to look and feel good by dressing up, and doing my hair and makeup. Doing this flips the energy on to perform. Use this as an opportunity to come out on the other side of this WINNING. We need to be strong (and not feel frumpy and defeated) during these very uncertain and unstable times. Doing this easy and simple little thing, will give you the advantage and make a difference.

Don’t you want to conquer the world?

Get in the mindset that you’re about to slay the day. Queens don’t stay in pajamas all day. They get up, get ready and meet the world head on!

Hopefully, I’ve convinced all of you to put on some real pants and top if only for a few hours a day. With everything being so crazy right now, you really owe it to yourself to be intentional about what you want. Remember, you are either creating or destroying your empire with every decision you make.