If you’re here, you’ve already committed to being bigger and better and growing your own empire, so it’s time to be selective about who you build your empire with.

Lazy, helpless or toxic individuals will only poison your success.

In fact, choosing the wrong partner can have severe ramifications that can create ripple effects throughout your life.

Before meeting Grant, I was involved in a number of toxic relationships and always had a lot of trouble deciding who to trust. Sometimes they’re so friendly and so likable, you can have trouble filtering.

After all, there are many, many people who claim they want to be the king (or pretend and act like they already are) but very few are willing to put in the work to earn their rightful crown.

There was a course that helped me make the right choice with my marriage that provided fascinating information on how to correctly identify the emotional characteristics of a potential partner and spouse.

It was called the Emotional Tone Scale and was based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. It taught me how to accurately predict the behavior of a potential partner—before committing to a relationship.

The results, as you know, have been life-changing. So I recommend that you get a copy of this free ebook from the publisher and speak with a consultant on how to overcome the relationship-related barriers to building your empire.

Remember—your empire will be torn apart from the inside, not the outside. So get this information to help you choose the right king or queen who can earn your unshakable trust and devotion for life.

The Emotional Tone Scale

Your Free Ebook PDF Contains:

  • The scale of emotions everyone experiences in life, from highest to lowest.
  • How to discern who to associate with and who to avoid.
  • Simple tools you can use to raise your own or another’s emotional state.