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Your Failures Can’t Destroy Your Empire Unless You Let Them

Recovering from a setback can’t be about feeling sorry for yourself.

If you’re not careful, failure can send you down a rabbit hole of self-doubt. It can burn and hurt on a very deep and personal level.

Worst of all, it can make you want a normal life. Something easy where everything isn’t a constant challenge. Just sit back, relax, withdraw from everyone and trust no one ever again.

I speak from experience—major failures have been some of the darkest moments in my life. I HATE failing. I hate losing. And I have had my share of both.

The fact is, we get stronger by facing adversity and new challenges, not shying away from them.

And there is a program I used called Self Analysis by L. Ron Hubbard that specifically helped me clear away the failures, rejections and self-doubts—and use them to fuel my forward momentum.

It’s all about focusing on the positive and recharging yourself so you can get back out on the battlefield.

Right now I’m making this available with an exclusive offer (available direct from the publisher). This offer includes free access to a Self Analysis consultant who can help you build your confidence to new heights.

When it comes to failure—if you shrink, quit, or allow your empire to be destroyed, that is ultimately a choice left to you.

So get back up, smile, breathe, put your hands back up and fight your war.


  • The Self Analysis workbook
  • Free access to a trained specialist
  • Free shipping and satisfaction guarantee