For many years, my life was a roller-coaster—I’d do really well, and then really bad. I could never sustain an improvement. And I didn’t know why.

There was even a notion amongst my friends in the acting world that you have to suffer and you’re only bonafide if you’re poor or unsuccessful.

But the truth is, you don’t have to ride the roller-coaster. In business, with relationships, with money—you can stop the downs.

It has everything to do with locating the true cause of those downs.

The most important course Grant and I have taken to eliminate the downs from our life is called The Cause of Suppression by L. Ron Hubbard. It contains information on the true cause of ups and downs and what you can do to permanently eliminate them from your life.

When you eliminate the downs—you gradually just keep moving up. We are a testament and example of people that are moving up. Have we had setbacks? Yes. But where did they come from? How were they caused?

This course teaches you how to identify the source of the downs and determine whether the people in your life are assets or liabilities. Are they really supporting you? Are they true friends?

With this knowledge, you can surround yourself with the right people and forge through each and every challenge thrown your way—emerging more determined and prepared for whatever shows up next.

So I want to share this free ebook and course to help you learn from what helped us—I also recommend scheduling a free consultation on how to develop the right mindset to confidently go after what you want.

Remember—only you can create an empire worthy of admiration and respect.

The Cause of Suppression

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  • Why someone who is doing well in life can suddenly do poorly or begin to fail.
  • Twelve identifying characteristics that will help you choose your friends and associates wisely.
  • Tools you can use to help relieve another’s burden of suppression, so they can live well and be happy again.