Raising empire-building kids has been one of the greatest experiences in my life.

After all, raising children is not just a responsibility, it’s a privilege.

When you are able to raise competent, confident children who are assets to society—you can create a ripple effect of good.

Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with the necessary tools and understanding to achieve this goal.

False and even harmful information on the subject is everywhere, and so are bad influences.

But there’s a specific course Grant and I took containing information from L. Ron Hubbard on children that I think you’re going to find really beneficial in raising your children to be the best versions of themselves.

With the help of this free course, we have been able to raise two beautiful girls to be happy, loving and productive individuals who are already contributing positively to society.

Just download the free ebook to get started. I also recommend scheduling a free consultation to get personal help overcoming barriers to being an ideal parent and empire-builder.

Every child has the potential to be happy, competent and confident—it’s up to us as parents to help them reach it.


Your Free Ebook PDF Contains:

  • What children need most from their parents.
  • Why children get angry and how to swiftly heal the upsets.
  • Exact tools you can use in raising your children to be happy, healthy, intelligent and self-confident in life.